Passion and tradition: making extra virgin olive oils in our olive mill

Photographer Yiannis Genetzakis studies our work at the olive mill in black & white. From the sorting of our koroneiki olives by hand to our bottled products, Yiannis has captured the spirit of our hard work. See how we make our two qualities of mono varietal extra virgin olive oil: Fleur d’Huile and First Cold Pressed EVOO.

Our thanks to Yiannis Genetzakis!

Sorting the olives by hand
After being washed, the koroneiki olives are sorted by hand 
Our logo comes from an ancient Attic amphora. Find out more on our site
After being malaxed, the olive paste is spread on stainless steel discs 

The olive paste is made of pulp and pit. Did you know that the pit contains 1 to 2% of olive oil? 
Giorgos is stacking up to 100 discs with olive paste. It is at this stage, before the press, that we make our Fleur d’Huile EVOO. 
Drops of oil trickling
 The press, applying a pressure of 400 bar, makes the First Cold Pressed EVOO
In movement! After the press, the dry paste between the discs is removed to be used as a natural fertilizer
Natural decantation tanks: olive oil is lighter than water and separates from the latter by rising to the top of the tank
productswithtanks bw.jpg
Our products: from 5L to 40mL, with our stainless steel tanks in the background

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